Farmland DAO

Fields around the world, held and controlled by the community, growing sustainably

Why and How

One day we will have farmland all over Earth, protected and growing sustainably, by the people for the people.

Domestic Threat

Billionaire Bill Gates is now the biggest farmland owner in the US. Problem: Concentrated ownership and control

Foreign Threat

Foreign adversaries, China for example, are buying domestic land, sometimes near US military bases. Problem: Foreign control


We will build a community of people trying to save our farmland and use it the right way


As we acquire land we will hold it forever. Its about accumulating, not flipping.


Gains will be on land value, farmland leasing, and renewable energy which will be used for maintenance and acquiring more farmland.

1 Billion Acres Goal

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, as of 2021, the total global agricultural land area was approximately 4.9 billion hectares, or roughly 12.1 billion acres. (if we cant do it on earth we’ll do it on Mars too)

Problems with Farmland Today

The are how things are and how they can be.


  • Agriculture is the biggest effect on the health of Earth
  • We can grow using methods that restore the land
  • We can grow in harmony with the environment


  • Taxes ruin the idea of living self sustainability
  • Theres a way to avoid the leaches
  • We will be non profit

No Farms, No Food

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